Buying Beehive Scales: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Best Choice

Buying Beehive Scales: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Best Choice


Understanding why you need beehive scales is crucial, but choosing the right ones for your apiary can be challenging. This guide will help you navigate the decision-making process effectively.

Evaluating Your Needs: Number of Beehives

  • Optimizing Scale Placement
For multiple hives, consider setting up several scales within one apiary. While it’s not necessary to place a scale under each hive, having at least three per apiary provides a balanced overview. This strategy is especially useful if one hive is an outlier due to issues like illness or queen loss.

    Cost Considerations: Regular Expenses

    • Understanding Subscription and Data Costs

    Many producers require monthly fees for using their scale apps and data. It’s essential to consider producers who offer cost-effective solutions. For example, Rashidov producers require only one SIM card per apiary and charge you €2.99/month (as of November 2023) for cellular data, and their mobile app is completely free.

    Buying Beehive Scales: Regular Expenses

      Managing Multiple Apiaries: The Benefits of Wireless Scales

      • Remote Monitoring for Diverse Locations
      If you manage apiaries in different areas, wireless beehive scales are indispensable. They enable remote hive monitoring, saving you valuable time and travel expenses.

          Maintenance and Durability

          • Low Maintenance, High Durability
          Quality beehive scales are usually made from weather-resistant materials, requiring minimal maintenance like annual battery replacement. Top producers, such as Rashidov, offer scales with a battery life exceeding one year.

              Weighing Your Options: Hive Weight Capacity

              • Selecting Scales for Varied Hive Weights
              Ensure the scales you’re considering can support the weight of your hives. Some scales have weight limits of 50 or 100 kg, while more robust options like Rashidov can handle up to 200 kg.

                  Connectivity Choices: Bluetooth vs. Cellular Data

                  • Finding the Right Connectivity for Your Needs
                  Your choice between Bluetooth and cellular connectivity should depend on your apiary’s proximity and lifestyle. While Bluetooth might suffice for smaller, nearby apiaries, cellular connectivity provides more flexibility for remote monitoring.

                      Conclusion: Embracing Modern Beekeeping

                      Living without beehive scales today is like missing out on mobile phones – it's technically possible but far less convenient. There are various options in the market, with many beekeepers recommending at least three wireless beehive scales per apiary. Producers offering separate digital stations, like Rashidov, are often preferred for their significant cost savings and enhanced connectivity.

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