Key Features

We want technnology to solve problems, not to create new ones

When we were building our beehive scales we aimed to built all-round great scales.
We wanted them to be reliable, durable, accurate, hassle-free — we wanted them to be a device which is easy and intuitive to use.
We hope you'll like what we've achieved.

Beehive Scales

Our Beehive Scales are built to address common issues with beehive monitoring:
  • Sturdy and Weather-Proof: Handles up to 200 kg and withstands extreme weather (-40°C to +50°C).
  • Easy Set-Up and Low Maintenance: Install once under your beehive and change batteries annually.
  • Accurate and Reliable: Fourth-generation technology ensures precise weight measurements.
  • Long-Range Bluetooth Connectivity: Connects to the Digital Station up to 1 km away, reducing the need for manual checks.
  • Three-Year Warranty: A testament to its durability and quality.

Digital Station

The Digital Station simplifies beehive weight data management:

  • One Station, Multiple Scales: Connects to numerous Weighing Platforms with a single SIM card, saving on costs and equipment.
  • Wide Connectivity Range: Covers up to 1 km, ensuring data collection from all scales without physical presence.
  • Weather-Resistant: Built to operate in various outdoor conditions.
  • Simple Maintenance: Only requires annual battery replacement.
  • Reliable Network Coverage: Uses a multi-operator SIM card for consistent data transmission to our cloud server.

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