About us

Hello there, and thank you for your interest in what we do!

Who are we?

We are Damir and Max. Damir, the founder, is responsible for the technical development of the product. Max, a bizdev partner, handles marketing and sales.

Damir and Max, a team behind Rashidov Wireless Beehive Scales

The idea was born several years ago when Damir decided to gift his father, a professional beekeeper, with beehive scales that were easy to use, reliable, and well-built. Discovering a lack of such products on the market and being a mathematician and programmer, he began building them himself.

Max, Damir's university classmate and also a mathematician, joined the team a year ago, bringing his passion for building things that change the world for the better.

Fast forward several years, through four generations of scales, and here we are – with an all-around great product we're proud of, clients across Eurasia, and exciting plans ahead. :)

Why do we do what we do?

Damir: "I've worked in my father's apiary throughout my childhood and know firsthand how demanding the labor is. Modern technologies help people work less, allowing more time with family and hobbies, which I love. Beekeeping seems to lag in technical progress, and I want to change that."

What's next?

We believe we have a solid platform to build upon. We plan to introduce new software and analytical features, transforming our applications from a data hub into a smart assistant that provides valuable insights and ideas.

We also aim to add new sensors, offering even more comprehensive data, saving you more time, and making your job a little easier.

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