How Many Scales Should I Buy?

While we strive to keep our system as simple as possible, we understand that figuring out how many scales or stations to buy can be challenging, especially if you're new to our product so we're gonna give you a few ideas here.


Well, first of all you need a digital station, it allows you remote access to your weight data.

Next, the basic rule of thumb is this: If you're unfamiliar with our system, start with the Basic Kit. It includes one digital station and one scale, providing the perfect introduction to our product and application.

However, our system truly excels when you can compare data between different beehives and apiaries. So, here are a few use cases to guide your decision.

How Many Scales per Apiary You Need

Of course you need at least one scale for an apiary. And we also think having a scale for each beehive is an overkill. The balance is somewhere in between.

If you have only one scale, the main concern is that it might not represent average beehive behavior in your apiary.

If tou have two scales, and they're showing similar data, you can be more confident in its accuracy. But what if they show different data?

This is why we recommend having at least three scales per apiary. This way, even if one scale is an outlier, the others will provide a reliable overview.

Our experience also suggests that one scale for every 7-10 beehives strikes a good balance between cost and effectiveness.

In summary: We recommend at least three scales per apiary and one scale for every 7-10 beehives.

You Have Several Apiaries

Managing multiple apiaries can be challenging, as you can't be everywhere at once. You might find yourself traveling frequently between them, employing watchmen, or lacking information when you're not on site.

Our beehive scales enable you to stay constantly informed about your bees' condition. With weight data, you'll know exactly where and when to intervene.

For multiple apiaries, we generally recommend a kit at each location. You might start with the most remote ones first.

Researching a New Location for an Apiary

This scenario is our favorite! When choosing a new apiary location, place a few beehives and our scales at each potential site. Compare the data to select the most productive spot, maximizing your honey harvest.


Remember, one scale is better than none, and two are better than one. The choice is yours. We're always here to answer your questions or offer advice, so don't hesitate to reach out!

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